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We are an entrepreneurial company, which strongly believes in the investment power of crypto currency and is committed to bringing high reward, high return investments to everyone.
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SUN started as a single crypto token - an Ethereum fund that invests in young and established projects, returning 80% investment profits back to it’s holders.
SUN is now the central part of an Ecosystem, each new fund is an independent token and invests in a specific and unique area of cryptocurrency, many having partnerships with out collaborators.
Any one of our funds may in its own space may become a $100Million project, however they all share the same objective of creating a low barrier of entry to complex Cryptocurrency investments.
Everyday people need investment help. Who don’t have the time, tools, techniques to succeed on their own. SUN will pool your funds with thousands of other investors and invest in multiple trades every day across a broad spectrum of trade types. Reducing risk. Generating profit. Returning it to your wallet.
25% profits
25% profits
25% profits
25% profits
25% profits
New fund coming soon
New fund coming soon
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25% profits
25% profits
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80% Return to holders
SUN Investment

New fund coming soon
Our services/ products
Our Yield and Trade products provide monthly interest on direct deposits. Our smart contract issues your cryptocurrency wallet shares as tokenised proof of ownership of the investment amount you contributed to the fund. The value of your tokens are impacted only by the performance of the fund.
80% Returned to token via vote
10% Paid to advisor
10% Company growth
12% Buy and 12% sell.
5% Investment fund
3% Daily Auto Eth reflections
2% Liquidity
2% Marketing
Ecosystem Profits share:
Token Purchase fees:
50% Buy back (increase token price)
25% Returned to fund
25% Marketing
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming April
SUN Profits:
10% Buy and sell.
5% Investment Fund
5% Company
Purchase our main token SUN via Uniswap - 5% of all buys and sells are pooled into an Ethereum fund and SUN invests in crypto related assets. 80% of investment profits are returned to SUN holders (via community vote).
SUN Ecosystem projects are standalone projects, launched by the SUN programme. Each involves a Partnership with one of our collaborators and feature a unique investment strategy.
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Fiat beating yields for your long term savings plan.
Long term savings: 19% annual interest

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Advanced algorithms and experienced crypto traders will put your crypto to work
Medium term Savings: 4% monthly interest
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Adrenaline (ADRT)
Farming across several Layer 1 & 2 chains with the objective to capture the highest yields returns available on the markets.
Predator (TOR)
Lions Barber NFT Collection coin. Supporting men’s mental health.
Hold for Eth reflections and benefits
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SUN Invests in crypto projects: Metaverse, NFTs, Play to Earn gaming and utility crypto companies.
Funds under management
The SUN investment fund
SUN Ecosystem funds
11 Collaborators and counting
Sandrock Capital is a trading and training academy providing investment strategies backed by a community of experienced traders. Sandrock Capital - the engine room of SUN investment decisions. Sandrock also provides key administration and technological support.
SUN is partnered with The Lions Barber NFT. Owning a Lion provides special benefits for Lion NFT, SUN and CUB Coin holders! When you buy one or more of The Lions Barber Club NFTs (any tier) a percentage of what you pay goes automatically into the investment fund, to be traded with by our experts. Charity -
The Lions Barber Collective
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Some things are easier to explain face to face.
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Built by investors, for investors
Holding a portion of my portfolio in a stablecoin high interest account. I like that!
Moving to a regulated space is important.
Investing whilst being able to retain my private keys is a big security requirement for me. I am pleased they have been able to deliver this.
I don’t have time or skill to complete due diligence on projects s it’s nice to have a team to do that. I can sit back and focus on other crypto interests.
Offshore holding location to assure holders with plans for regulatory approval is a great way to look after holders and provides confidence.
Publically doxed, open and transparent team. That’s the way!
Expansion through collaboration is smart.

Audited smart contract and using a multi-sign Gnosis-Safe for Ethereum security is a nice touch.
Our Journey so far
SUN was born from the idea that everyday people need investment help. The principle of spreading risk is in taking a single individual’s financial investment, pooling it with other investors, combining them to reduce the overall risk profile over a multitude of trades and trade types.

SUN will collaborate with organisations, including individuals who are able to support SUN and provide significant levels of support.
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Regulatory approval and licencing.

Our team will be concurrently running two delivery roadmaps [Link to roadmap page]:

The first to will be to progress and develop the SUN token and its funds, though expansion into new block chains and new marketing approaches.

The second to move the products and services on a fast track to regulatory approval in Europe. This will open the door to significant opportunities for SUN’s fund management

Regardless of our source of information, SUN will utilise its resources to conduct appropriate due diligence. This will ensure honeypots, rug pulls, suspicious code, bad actors - and other scam tactics - are avoided. This will further reduce the risk profile of our investments.
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